Dr. Carolina Padilla

Naturopathic Doctor

Certified Lactation Counselor


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Dr. Carol


My practice is a CONCIERGE style practice with full access in my office, home calls, and via telehealth. 
I offer services locally in Connecticut and Florida and everywhere else around the globe via telehealth. 

Naturopathic Medicine

Global Access




Botanical Medicine



Pregnancy Support

Post-natal Support and weight loss. 

Lactation Support 

1st time mom support. 

Integrative Pediatrics

Nutrition Guidance 

Weight Loss

Healthy Cooking and Food shopping*

Lectures & Conferences

* Availability of these services depends on location. Due to local and State regulation some features and services could not be offered.

Contact me for more details. 



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Hi, thank you for visiting my site. Let me tell you about myself, my training, and what I do. To find out more details about my practice don’t forget to visit my social media sites as well. 

I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and I am married to a pediatrician. I am a nature enthusiast and a serious foodie who enjoy cooking and making new healthy recipes with my kids. In my professional life I am a Naturopathic Doctor licensed in the state of Connecticut who specializes in women health, pre and postnatal care, pediatrics, and I am certified as a  Lactation Counselor.  


The decision to become a doctor was shaped by family role models and a strong interest in the natural healing arts. After receiving my bachelor’s degree from University of Florida in Microbiology, Cell Science, and Chemistry I continued my journey into Naturopathic Medical School. I received my doctorate degree with honorary mentions from University of Bridgeport where I was fortunate to have received awards as best clinician.

I have ventured along with my husband and many other wonderful health specialist during my career through diverse paths. I have also taken on the entrepreneurial challenge developing corporate health plans designed to deliver preventive Integrative Medicine to clients in the US and South America. 

I founded GrowVivo which is a company focused on creating outreach programs to create awareness of alternative medicine and healthy living in the local and global community. 

Most importantly, I have been working in my areas of interest for close to 10 years now as a ND and for much longer ever since college. After exposures to OB/GYN infertility clinics and clients and after my own experiences as mother I realized that this is my passion. I have concentrated all my resources and practice in developing protocols to help patients achieve their goals from fertility to motherhood, and from health maintenance to support during disease processes. 


“My role is to teach and guide you through the complex process of change and prevention. I guide you step by step to your optimal wellness by showing you how to be aware of your body, its needs, your mind, and your environment. I’ll give you the right set of tools and knowledge and you will be ready to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.”


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to CONTACT ME. I am hoping to hear from you soon. 

Be well,

Dr.Carolina Padilla


Kid-Friendly Recipes


Summer!! This program is perfect to spend time with your kids and cook together. These recipes are easy, delicious and healthy. It is a perfect time to teach them about cooking and eating healthy. I really hope you enjoy them! ​