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a healthy life is within reach  

Get personalized top notch care, online or in-person. Your deserve it!


My practice is a CONCIERGE style practice with full access in my office, home calls, and via telehealth. I offer services locally in Connecticut and Florida and everywhere else around the globe via telehealth. 

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Women's Health

Fertility Support

Healthy Pre-natal Support 

Healthy Post-natal Support 

Breastfeeding Support

Meet Dr. Carol

Hi, thank you for visiting my site. Let me tell you about myself, my training, and what I do. To find out more details about my practice don’t forget to visit my social media sites as well. 

I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and I am married to a pediatrician. I am a nature enthusiast and a serious foodie who enjoy cooking, teaching this important tool to my patients and making new healthy recipes with my kids. In my professional life I am a Naturopathic Doctor licensed in the state of Connecticut. 

I specialize in Women's Health, Pre and Postnatal care, Pediatrics, Nutrition and I am Certified Lactation Consultant. 

I take care of patients all over the world. Guide them through their needs at the comfort of their home. 

"My life has changed in many aspects. Dr. Carol has taught me how to eat healthy and better food for my body. Conditions that I had for 16 years were gone in less than 10 months of personalized plan. I have more energy, my digestion is incredible."  

-Ana Maria (Uruguay)

"Dr. Carol helped me with my hormonal issues and thyroid problem. She guided me with nutrition, specific supplements for my conditions and taught me the importance of a balanced life style. I do not have a hormonal issue anymore (controlled by food) and my thyroid condition has resolved. Everything has been managed by tele-health." 

-Beatriz (Ecuador)

"Having my first baby was a wonderful experience but at the same time it was scary. Dr. Carol taught me how to carry my baby, how to bathe my newborn. She guided me with breastfeeding. She gave me a personalized nutrition plan to help me and my baby. Made sure I had the best nutrients for my body. "

-Diana (Florida)

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